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Carl Nigi

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Why I love working with people with learning disabilities

I have now been a facilitator for over eight years (2010 to date) and, for me, Davis is the simplest, easiest, fastest and least expensive way to help anyone with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and learning difficulties. Davis programs help to remove the barrier that is stopping someone from learning. They address the underlying cause and truly help the person overcome their difficulties.

I sometimes get asked, "Why did you become a facilitator?" The answer is simple: I’m dyslexic myself. By today’s standards, as a child I would have been diagnosed with a learning disability and ADD. I was definitely hyperactive; my mother tells me that between the ages of 6 to 10 years old I ran almost everywhere and seemed to be in perpetual motion. What people could not see was that I wanted desperately to do well in school and, more than anything, I wanted to enjoy reading. My mother wanted that for me too, but was at a loss to understand what to do.

I get asked by parents regularly, “Why can’t my son read?” or, “Why can’t my daughter pay attention?” I have asked these same questions daily for almost 30 years. “Why can’t I read like others can? I’m an adult now, I know how to concentrate; I’m not stupid or lazy, so why can’t I do this? What is the problem?”

In my twenties I began to look for other people with dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. I wanted to find someone, anyone who had the same problem as me and who could answer my questions and give me a solution that worked. It took more than 20 years. I looked at and tried many conventional methods and experienced a lot of disappointment and frustration.

The Davis programs gave me the insights and the method I had been looking for. I felt that at last here was someone who could articulate my experience, tell me what I was doing and show me how to overcome it and have the success I had always dreamed of. The Davis programs were designed by a Dyslexic to give an understanding to parents and provide a positive solution for children/adults to overcome learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD.

They worked for me when little else did. I have seen the programs work for many others; so much so that I changed professions to do this. Once I had overcome my own dyslexia, I realized I could not sit back and watch others have the same frustrating and confusing experience I had. I had to get involved and help others. I know that dyslexics can have understanding, success and learn to read, write and study as well others. We can overcome the problems associated with learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD when we understand it and have people around us who are willing help in a way that works for us. We can have our dreams of reading, writing and success come true.