Davis Math Mastery™

Resolving Math Related Learning Disabilities

Many people who come for math-related learning disabilities are surprised to find they are actually dyslexic. Once they have completed a dyslexia program, their problems with math can disappear on their own. If problems persist, we move on to the program specific to math.  

A clay model representing multiplication showing 5 balls of clay multiplied by 2 balls of clay equals ten balls of clay. This modeling technique is used to improve reading and math comprehension in individuals with learning disabilities.

The math program deals with basic functions and empowers the learning disability and dyslexic client to use their fantastic picture thinking ability to their advantage to deal with functions, numerals, and story problem words. Interestingly, the same basic life concepts that are mastered in the Attention Mastery program are mastered in the math program because they have a powerful influence on how math is understood and used.

The picture on this page is a model a client made of the math story word "by", a common math term and instruction. This word no longer causes this client to misunderstand instructions or orders of operation. As you can see by her "peace sign" fingers, she's having fun too!

Math programs take between 5 and 8 days with a Licensed Davis Facilitator. Graduates of the math program improve their confidence and ability in math immediately, and will improve even more with simple follow up at home.