Testimonials for Overcoming Learning Disabilities

Testimonial by | Lucie, Mother of 14 year old Krys| 2015

My son has had several labels over the year, including ADHD, OCD even mild mental deficiency. But as his mother, I knew there was more to him then what the tests were showing, something the doctors and psychologists didn’t see. He is an extremely intelligent 14 year old boy with huge potential. One major thing was holding him back…he just could not read. At 13 years old, he was reading at a grade 1 level (on a good day). The challenge was to try to get him to read something that might interest him…a 13 year old boy does not find much interest in reading grade one books!! Finally, his grade 7 teacher confirmed my suspicion…he might be dyslexic. Which was a question I had asked all previous teachers and doctors but no one would give me a straight answer, I always had a sense that they were trying to avoid the topic or it was something they did not want to pursue. Or maybe they were thinking “your problems are way bigger then that lady!” After consideration, I decided that I had to take the matter into my own hands for my son’s best interest. When I found Carl’s website, I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew nothing of Davis or dyslexia other then it affected people’s ability to read. I felt desperate and wanted to help my son at all cost.

To make a long story short, since last March, my son attended 3 of Carl’s programs: The Dyslexia program for his read. The Attention program for his ADHD hypreactivety as well a one day Handwritting program. The results are amazing. For the first time, my son has found someone who completely understands him, but also, that can help us, his parents to understand him. Carl is so honest and to the point. He understands the struggles and obstacles that a dyslexic person faces and is not only able to give them tools to deal with them, he is able to explain the complex subject of dyslexia in such a simple and comprehensive way. I will never forget my son’s expression when Carl told him that the problem to all his challenges was dyslexia and that he was able to help him if he wanted to. It was finally confirmed that “no I am not stupid after all!”, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

As a parent, what I like the most about the program, other then it changes your child in the most positive way, is that it gives the responsibility back to the child. It showed us how to support our son in a positive way but always giving him back what belongs to him. In other words, he was given all the tools necessary to learn to read and function normally, it is now up to him to do the work. That is a life lesson that he has learned at a very young age, a lesson that I can say many adults don’t even have the opportunity to learn. Six months after the programs is my son still struggling with reading, yes of course he could hardly read at a grade two level. However, now he is reading at about grade four- five and improving all the time. Carl esure me that once he has finish his support work he will be read at grade level or very close to it. The important part is that he now has tools to work with, he understands himself and his challenges and he is able to understand that his future is in his own hands and that he is the dictator of it all.

Since starting with Carl in March 2015, we have had so much positive feedback in regards to my son’s behavior, especially since he started school. Our son has gone from being a scared, extremely insecure, hyperactive uncooperative and immature child to being a confident, grounded, mature and responsible 14 year old man in a matter of months. The change in him is phenomenal and almost hard to believe. The teachers at school noticed it right away when they saw him again in September. I don’t believe this would’ve been possible without all the knowledge that Carl has shared with us through the Davis Program. In Carl one finds more the a Davis facilitator, one finds a person that really cares, truly understands and is a hundred percent commited to the success of his client. Not to mention that he becomes an amazing friend along the way. My son looks up to him tremendously and I am sure he will always remember him as the “cool guy who changed his life”.

Thank you Carl for doing what you do.

Testimonial by | Helen, mother of a 13 yr old girl | 2015

Taking the Davis Program through Carl Nigi has been a great benefit to my youngest daughter. With two dyslexic children of my own, I had previously purchased and been training in using another expensive, laborious system but it did not work for my youngest daughter at all. We were frustrated and discouraged; we didn’t know what to do. Then we heard about Carl. After just her first week of training with Carl, her reading improved 3-4 grade levels. She has now completed her training at home and is a much more settled, confident, happy teenager. It has been fun to watch her “Ah-ha! Moments”. The Davis Program has not only dramatically improved her reading skills but it has also helped her to understand herself and like herself more. Carl’s commitment and enthusiasm is infectious. He really cares about the people that walk through his door.

A grateful parent, Helen

Testimonial by | Liz mother of Madie a 8 yr old girl | 2014

From the time my daughter entered grade 1, I knew she learned differently, but I didn't know how. I saw her struggle with reading, focussing and concentrating in class and conceptualizing some basic social skills. It soon became evident to me that the traditional way of teaching and learning wasn't working for her and she would often 'zone out.' On the flip side, I was amazed at her attention to detail, her ability to recall details of events and experiences as far back as when she was 2 1/2 years old.

After continued struggles in grade 2, she was assessed and was given a diagnosis of ADD and a personal learning plan at school. I realized fairly quickly, that the plan provided by the school wasn't very helpful and my daughter was making minimal to no progress at all. I saw her self-esteem start to deteriorate through tears as she made attempts to read and comprehend word problems in math. After reading The Gift of Dyslexia, I was a bit sceptical but I saw much of my daughter in what I read. I began asking her questions about how and what she thought and I was amazed that she described most of what and how dyslexia was described in the book. I came across Carl Nigi through a friend and after meeting Carl and having my 8 year-old daughter assessed, we enrolled her in a Davis Program.

Carl was a friendly, warm and caring facilitator. He earned my daughter's trust and she made leaps and bounds with him in terms of her reading and focussing. More specifically, he had her reading at a grade 3 level (in English) within one week. This was simply mind blowing to me as she has never attended school in English or been taught even the basics of reading in English. So far the progress and enthusiasm I have seen in her is almost overwhelming. As a parent, I am thrilled to finally understand how her beautiful mind works and to help her utilize the skills she has been given. She is now in a position to use her gift to her advantage and I now have a greater understanding of how she learns.

If you identify with anything you might have read in this testimonial or The Gift of Dyslexia, I strongly recommend the Davis Program, facilitated by Carl Nigi. Carl genuinely cares about his clients and their families, he takes time to answer any and all questions and he has a natural facilitation ability with children. Thank-you Carl for your amazing work with my daughter, I feel like you have helped "unlock" her mind!


Testimonial by | Amanda, mother of Jordan, 13 year old boy

When I called about the Davis program, it was the first time I felt a real solution was being presented to Jordan's difficulties. After booking an appointment for an assessment, I prayed Jordan would agree to do the program. I felt in my heart we were finally on the right path. Ever since Jordan agreed to do your program, I have been doing an inner happy dance. Since Jordan is much more reserved than me I try to play it cool.

It`s hard to summarize what this experience has meant for Jordan. He now fully understands who he is and the gift he has. Although he is only 13, he has an honest and open approach to who he is. The Davis Program has given Jordan several key pieces of his puzzle and the image of his life is now clear to him. Last night he shared this with me: "I feel like my life is like a dirt road with a bunch of pot holes but all the big pot holes is filled. Sure, I still have some pot holes but they are small and won't cause too many problems."

As for my journey, from a mother's point of view, I have total peace about Jordan now. I could not say that 3 short weeks ago. My greatest source of stress came from wondering how Jordan would make it through high school. I've had well meaning teachers and friends tell me things about Jordan I knew weren't true. At our lowest point, 2 years ago, Jordan was extremely depressed and he had to seek counselling to help him manage his stress at school. At that time, I was told by the school that Jordan was simply trying to manipulate us. As a mother, it was heart breaking that many people didn't believe Jordan about his obstacles. Now that I've read Ron's book The Gift of Dyslexia and Jordan has completed your program, life has changed.

Up until now, I've felt like a passenger on Jordan's educational journey. I was in the passenger seat, scared stiff holding the wheel with one hand most of the time. I couldn't let go in fear that Jordan was going to crash. Now, I have let go of the wheel. Jordan is in full control of his car and I have willingly climbed in the backseat. Heck, I even have my head leaned back with my eyes closed, that's how much I trust he is equipped and able to drive safely. Actually, he has also informed me that he will soon be kicking me out of the car. Ouch...learning to let go is not easy for mothers but he knows I am his biggest supporter and encourager.

Thank you Carl for your honest and upfront approach. This program was a success for Jordan because Ron is a genius and you are an exceptional person. You were a perfect fit for my son and have made a huge impact on him. Please know that these small words, Thank you, mean so much.

Blessings, Amanda.

Testimonial by | Leah, mother of two sons both with ADHD | 2015

This is still one of the best gifts I have ever given my amazing boys. Thank you Carl for giving them the gift of being able to show and know they are extraordinary. They will now soar instead of just coping. They do not have a disability, they learn differently and thank you for teaching them the difference! You are amazing!